Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice sculpting: Trilobite!

Ice sculpting at the BU Winterfest 2010!

After brainstorming, Julia and I ended up settling on a Trilobite. The theme this year was "Olympics", which was optional to follow. But Julia and I decided to show some school spirit, and we added the theme into the sculpture.

As you can see, the trilobite won everything in the Olympics. But we live in a cynical age, when an honest trilobite can't win every single 1st place in the Olympics without casting a shadow of doubt.

Erik (I think?) from Bookline Fire and Ice uses a chainsaw to cut the basic form for us.

Julia and I sculpt the rest with wood chisels.

I forgot to take photos, but it probably looks a lot like last year:

(Image from Winterfest article, here. )

Oddly enough, more people seemed to get this year's carving then last year's Viking Kitten. Or at least, they laughed more.

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