Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Boston and Global Day of Action photos

Photos from Saturday Oct 15 with Occupy Boston and Global Day of Action.

Near South Station, across from Tent City, around 1pm.

Tent City. A whiteboard at the front (not pictured) showed the layout of the tents and where the food, legal representation (I think?) and other tents were.

After assembling at Boston Commons, activists (and curious people) began marching through Downtown Crossing. The crowd seemed quite diverse, including young people, old people, different faces, families, children and dogs.
(*Labs, whippet, chihuaha)

The march continued through to the financial district. The crowd was especially agitated and loud in front of the Bank of America building, it was quite dramatic. In front of BoA's doors, some people were drumming and dancing as a way of protest or expression.

I thought this was interesting.

Assembling in front of South Station again, speeches were given.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

24 hr comics day this Saturday (Oct 8)

Most of them were last weekend, but here's one at MIT that I am helping to organize: