Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One year anniversary of my blog!

April 22, one year ago, I posted my first entry in this blog!

Let's celebrate with some flowers I saw this weekend.

Also, here are some photos from the UMass exhibition opening.

(I think she's more intent on eating celery)

(These people are actually looking at my pages)

And I end this entry with a photo of a goose with a foot raised (Charles River).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sequential Art exhibition and Inbound 3 now for sale

Riveting blog update -- birds are finally coming to my window bird feeder!

Also, this Thursday is the opening reception for Sequential Art exhibition at the Harbor Gallery at UMass. (Go to the UMass stop on the Red Line and hop on the shutle...See directions.) There will be free food. Apparently I'm supposed to mention that fact.

Let me put the press release here. That sounds like something I should do too.

Boston, MA (April, 2009) The Harbor Gallery presents – Sequential Art: Comics, Cartoons, and Animation. On view April 10th through May 29th at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Sequential Art focuses on the production, collaboration, and processes behind comics, cartoons, and animation. The exhibit features 11 artist from the Boston Comics Round Table: Richard Jenkins, Jay Kennedy, Braden Lamb, Ron LeBrasseur, Dan Mazur, Lindsay Moore, Shelli Paroline, Aya Rothwell, RoHo, Charles Schneeflock Snow, and Dirk Tiede and animator Steve Gentile from Mass Art.

The whimsical, grotesque, fantastic, and the everyday are featured. Collectively they break down the super hero archetype, and work to create a new picture of comics in Boston. Intertextuality, imagery, and the use of a clear graphic and literary style make comics easily understandable. But, many readers are unaware of local publications.

Art Institutions and comic shops alike do not yet have a place for these local artists. The Boston Comics Round Table seeks to set a new standard of clarity and vision in the comic world and help local artists compete with larger publications.

There work parallels the skill, and beauty of any major publication.

In summation I leave you with a simple analogy. Major comic publications are like Anheuser-Busch while the local publications are like Harpoon and Sam Adams.
Which one do you prefer?

The Harbor Gallery is a community service of the University of Massachusetts Boston. We are a non-profit organization run by students at the University of Massachusetts.

Opening Reception April 16th 6:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Talks, discussions, and film viewings will be posted on our website


Steven Pirrello

If you have any questions, comments, or high resolution files please contact me:


Also, Inbound vol. 3 is now for sale! Featuring my story "Puppy Love Eternal", a tale of celestial spirits, blossoms in winter and 'little critters who remind me of those annoying friends we all know.' (quote from Lindsay)

Here's a press release.....

Boston Comics are for Lovers – Inbound #3, a Boston Comics Anthology

BOSTON, MA (April 6, 2009) – Ah, spring is in the air. To celebrate the season of romance, the hard-working comics artists of the Boston Comics Roundtable have released Inbound #3, a Boston Comics Anthology. The theme of this tri-yearly publication... love and relationships.

Yes, nobody knows perfectly-requited love and totally un-awkward dating like an indie comics artist. Pick up a copy of Inbound #3 and you'll have more than just an evening's entertainment; the book practically doubles as a 72-page how-to guide for all you Mister and Misses Lonelyhearts out there. All for the low price of $7.95.

It's our biggest issue ever! Included in this volume:

* Franklin Einspruch
* "First Kiss" - Robert Sergel
* "Puppy Love Eternal" - Aya Rothwell
* "Fear" - Chris O'Neill
* "Just an Old Fashioned Zombie Love Song" - Eric Boeker
* "Wish Me Luck" - Donna Martinez and Joesph Peters
* "Colossa" - Braden Lamb
* "An Afternoon Session" - Hyun Supul
* "A Winter's Prelude" - Roho
* "The Prince" - Carl Tsui
* "From Afar" - Dan Mazur
* "A Gothic Romance" - James Mobius

Inbound #3 is on sale at your favorite stores. In the Boston area, check out Million Year Picnic, Hub Comics, New England Comics, Comicazi, Harvard Book Store, Comicopia, and more. You can also visit the BCR Online Store ( We ship tenderly packaged comics anywhere in the world.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boston Comicon, Atomic Bean Cafe, Squirrel

Very important blog update: no birds at the bird feeder on my window, but a squirrel poked its head in my open window. Too bad I was right there, staring at it in surprise; the squirrel freaked out and ran away.

Also Boston Comicon and all that.

Some of the more colorful guests I saw.

Actually, this person below is not colorful, technically speaking. Kind of mostly grey and black.

From the Saturday night reception at the Atomic Bean Cafe.

Nice crowd.

We ended up putting the inside inkwash pages of "Mark and the Aliens" on display, because it was a complete short comic. I don't have a very good photo of my pages on the wall, but I'll try and get a picture soon.

Anyway, the Atomic Bean Cafe show will be up for at least this month. Copies of "Inbound" (1-3) as well as "Mark" (and possibly other minis) will be available for purchase at the cafe. The cafe will put 20% of sales into a charity to support artists.

And finally --

This is not the squirrel at my window, but it's similar to what I saw.

Photo I took of a squirrel at Harvard University.