Sunday, January 10, 2010

News: I'm on a lake and it's frozen!

The lake has frozen!
There are people playing hockey and skating on it.

I go out to the middle of the lake and eat lunch.

Then I hang out with some gulls.

Then apparently I dance around.

Later, I go trekking across the lake again. (This time with the power of crampons.)

On other news, I have a mini art show in MIT's Infinite Corridor this month (during MIT's January Independent Activities Period). One of the glass display cases holds a few of my watercolor sketches and comics pages. The comics including pages from the 24 hour comics last October, printed copies of the cow comic for Inbound 4, and a page from "Sights and Smells from MIT" (a minicomic).

The display is near MIT's main entrance at 77 Massachusetts Ave (Building 7). Tim Fish and other MIT staff/affiliates also have work in the display cases.

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