Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Film Festival and Boston Zine fair

My senior-year film "Snakepit" will be shown Sept 4th (Thursday) at the Kendall Square theater! Will I be there? Sure... ah... I'm in the middle of frantically trying to get an apartment and whatnot, so I'm too distracted to give a proper answer at this moment. I think there's an article being written about the film festival, so I might indulge in another blog entry later.

Also, in the manner of hastily remembering to promote myself --

Boston Zine Fair is coming!

September 20-21 - Art Institute of Boston, 601 Newbury Street (near Kenmore Square)

I'll be there! I just finished a test print of a comic I'll be selling there. I did the test print while apartment searching. Obviously my priorities are well established.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BioBlitz and ICCF-14

This weekend, I caught the tail end of the 14th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, visited Pennsylvania, and also went to the Harbor island Bio Blitz. I don't have any photos from the Cold Fusion conference, so I'll just assure you it was an eclectic mix of international researchers with interesting accents.

I do have some photos from the Bio Blitz!

(This round of photos includes camping on Outer Brewster, with photos of Kimmie, Tim, Luke and me. I'll add a photo of our park service ranger Val and other folks in the next round of photos.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ant on Doorstep

An ant on my doorstep.

On other news, this weekend, I will be visiting Washington DC. I will also be attending the Boston Harbor Islands Intertidal Bio Blitz (in collaboration with the Harvard Entomology department). What a mouthful. Anyway, I will be acting as photographer!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Suprised Zebrafish and Colorful Robot Chicken

Part of what I have been working on:

Also, the robot chicken illustration...remixed! (click here for the book that uses the original graphic. And why the name "robot chicken".)