Sunday, March 18, 2012

Selling books at Cambridge winter farmers market

I was at the Cambridge Community center's winter farmers martket yesterday, selling comics. It was a last minute tabling event. Pretty low key, fairly nice sales -- especially when the daughter of a comics collection curator (from Michigan; Michigan State University?) came across our table. She called her father and asked if he wanted copies of our comics. Getting a yes, she purchased one of everything, from anthologies to $1 minicomics.

These occurrences, which I think of as "A Patron of the Arts visits the table", do happen once in a while. Not at MOCCA or large shows, but I think more at smaller shows, or shows where an indie book maker stands out more (such as Boston Comicon, a few years ago). Or sometimes at friendly larger shows, where a visitor just decides they like your books and buys a copy of everything. It's fun and much appreciated, and I usually give a big discount.

Another interesting thing that happens (and this is more at Farmers Markets and craft shows) is when a visitor picks up a book and talk about it without realizing the person who make them is nearby. Usually it is funny, and a bit like being in a play; I secretly want to see how far it will go if I just smile or comment vaugely. But customers first, so pretty soon I clear up the misconception by saying, "Why thank you!"

Also, many visitors are curious that people can draw their own comics and print them into books themselves. I didn't know about "minicomics" until a few years ago, and I think they are a neat thing to know about.

Farmers Markets and craft shows also have fresh food nearby, which is great. I am a fan of tabling at these events.