Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arisia photos and new comic

Photos from Arisia!

Me, standing next to my art panel. The original watercolor of the red bird was bought by Jim Belfiore, who was also paneling next to me.

I also sold a few of the prints. (The larger watercolor was not for sale.) For the most part, I was at my table in the artist and authors alley:

I debuted a new minicomic, "The Wolf and the Sun", which I drew last October.

Rick from Dandelion Studios was kind enough to review the book:

Here's also a review for a goofy jam comic Julia and I made:

And I made a flyer for the show.

I have also been hiking and cross-country skiing recently.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year! and shows and drumming

Happy New Year!

So I will be tabling and showing things at Arisia next week (Jan 14-17).

At the Art Show, I will be displaying "Mark and the Gillys book 1" cover (see here when I displayed it at the Marblehead Museum) and probably some small watercolors for sale. (I may update this.)

At the Artists and Authors Alley, I will be tabling on Friday (3pm-8pm) and Sunday (10am-8pm), selling comics.

Unrelated to anything, here is a photo of my cousin drumming.