Saturday, December 8, 2012

More clouds and an update

Photo of some clouds near the ocean.

It is starting to get chilly here, although not as cold as Boston. Insulation etc is not as well put together, though, so I feel like the cold is felt more then Boston.

Work is busy busy busy. I am learning about US history to make presentations, and keep having flashbacks to highschool history classes. I am also giving watercolor classes, and getting up to date on my art history. Ditto with winter holidays. I am not sure how other people do things in my same job position, but for now I can say, become a JET CIR (with focus on events and presentations) and you will be a full time ambassador, anthropologist and researcher.

Have not been to comics shows (still not sure if indie comics and comics arts festival culture exists in Japan like I saw in Boston etc.), but I do occasionally show my printed comics to people. Most of the time they can't immediately read the English text, though....