Monday, March 2, 2009

Ice sculpting!

Ice sculpting at Boston University's Winterfest!

Conversation on the way there.....

Me: "What should we carve?"

Julia: "Well... I did have one idea... My boss left work early today to go get a tattoo. A tattoo of viking kittens."

Me: "Viking kittens."

Julia: "Viking kittens."

Much brainstorming and sketching later,

* We had a third group member, briefly, before she went to a cooking seminar. The bird on the shoulder is her influence.

After lunch, the ice carving begins.

Two professional ice sculpters from Brookline Fire and Ice chainsaw in the basic shape, to speed things up. (The paper got torn up almost immediately)

Julia and I hack at the ice with wood chisels.

(The three just means we are the 3rd statue from the right.)


And around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, the event starts to wrap up.

Incidentally, we're mentioned in the Daily Free Press (link). Or at least, the words, "Viking Kitten" is mentioned. Actually, here's a photo from last year's ice sculpture event, when me, Emeri and Pam carved a sea dragon creature.

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