Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two gallery shows, online art auction and Boston Comicon

* So next weekend (April 4th and 5th), I will be at the Boston Comicon (Back Bay events center), selling books with the usual Boston Comics Roundtable people. Debuting at the event will be Boston Comics Roundtable’s Inbound No. 3, which has my story “Puppy Love Eternal” in it.

* Atomic Bean Cafe: Now, not only is the BCR celebrating the release of Inbound 3, we are also celebrating our first café art show! Saturday night (April 4th), after the Comicon, there will be an opening reception at the Atomic Bean Café (902 Mass Ave, between Central and Harvard). The show will feature original comics and artwork. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!

* UMass Boston: Meanwhile… another gallery show! April 16 (Thursday night), join me at the UMass Boston gallery opening reception of an exhibit of local comics creators' work. Like the Atomic Bean Café, the UMass show will have original pages from my story “Puppy Love Eternal” on display. I think there will be the original watercolors from “Mark and the Aliens”, as well. Also there will be free food.

Here’s some more images from the new story....

* And also, here I am on the internet, selling mini-cards of original art in the Comics for Cures charity, benefiting the American Cancer Society. According to the site, there will be a public exhibition of all the minicards at Comics 2 Games (Florence, KY location) on April 4th 2009.

Meanwhile, visit this link to buy cards and help raise money. Here’s my cards:

An ink of a Dragon creature

The other card is a black and white brush ink of a creature… glowering at you. Or the person next to you.

And some possible news regarding me and Anime Boston, but I'll save that for when I get more details.

Also no birds at window. What gives.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spring is here! Flowers are popping up from the ground, almost as fast as mushrooms after a spell of rain.

I may be part of some upcoming local art shows, showcasing Boston comics creators. Details to follow.

I will also have a story in the upcoming anthology Inbound (no. 3). My story has to do with why I was sketching dogs running around in the snow, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry.

On other very important news: no birds at the birdfeeder, outside my window. There was one starling hanging around the telly wire. But I think it was coincidence.

Also, I am painting an apple that is not quite an apple.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clouds on a Blustery Day

Some upcoming things....

* I will be at the upcoming Boston Comicon, April 4-5. Will be hanging out with the Boston Comics Roundtable. Our table will not be round, it will be rectangular, but anyway it will have comics on it.

* I will be at the Maine Comics Arts Festival, May 17 in Portland, Maine. I haven't figured out how exactly I'm going to get there, but details details.

* I have put a birdfeeder outside my window but no birds have come yet. What's going on.

And here's a photo from a few weeks ago, taken above the Charles River.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuff I See at MIT

This week's topic: stuff I see at MIT.

In a nearby lab . . .

(This was sketched off-hours)

Stuff that's written on the blackboards in the hallways...

And for the next bit, you have to be a little familiar with the movie "Good Will Hunting". Basically, Matt Damon stars as Will Hunting, a troubled youth who is a genius at mathematics. The title character works as a janitor at MIT, where he goes around solving complex math problems left on hallway boards.

You can watch the big scene here:

Or watch the first 30 seconds of this clip to get the idea.

(By the way, why so many people are all madly dashing across that particular lawn is beyond me. The lawn is not anywhere near a major parking lot or T station; you have to kind of go out of your way to end up running across the lawn like that. Unless you illegally parked on the Mass Ave bridge... or just crawled out of the Charles River, and ran across four lanes of traffic...)

Anway, to go on a tangent, here's how mathematicians reacted to the movie:

And here's how MIT reacted to the movie.
(Photos taken a few weeks ago.)

Some close-ups.

To the right of this, someone else wrote:

And, finally . . .

Well... first, MIT has a very commendable spirit of community, as this sign demonstrates. And it's true, people really do need to wash their hands, but -- okay I'm just going to show this poster.

The mouth.

Normally I don't give much mind to this sort of thing. But for weeks, every time I walk into a restroom, this.... weird mouth greeted me. This two-mouthed school mascot.

One day, it finally got to be too much. I had to do something.

And that about wraps things up for now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ice sculpting!

Ice sculpting at Boston University's Winterfest!

Conversation on the way there.....

Me: "What should we carve?"

Julia: "Well... I did have one idea... My boss left work early today to go get a tattoo. A tattoo of viking kittens."

Me: "Viking kittens."

Julia: "Viking kittens."

Much brainstorming and sketching later,

* We had a third group member, briefly, before she went to a cooking seminar. The bird on the shoulder is her influence.

After lunch, the ice carving begins.

Two professional ice sculpters from Brookline Fire and Ice chainsaw in the basic shape, to speed things up. (The paper got torn up almost immediately)

Julia and I hack at the ice with wood chisels.

(The three just means we are the 3rd statue from the right.)


And around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, the event starts to wrap up.

Incidentally, we're mentioned in the Daily Free Press (link). Or at least, the words, "Viking Kitten" is mentioned. Actually, here's a photo from last year's ice sculpture event, when me, Emeri and Pam carved a sea dragon creature.