Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MICE, MIT comics, Harvard Bookstore

Recap of This Week in Comics and Aya Nearby Them!

Thursday night: Minimum Paige anthology release party!
I have a story in here, and I will be hosting jam comics as well.
7pm Harvard bookstore, Harvard Square
* Google Map

Friday: MIT Comics Fair!
I will be selling books and hosting jam comics here too.
9-4pm Lobby 10, MIT
* Enter 77 Massachusetts Ave or see campus map or Google map

Saturday: MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo)!
10am - 6pm at Lesley University, Porter square
* Get off at Porter Redline T stop and look for signs taped everywhere, or see: map

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Also new cover up at Trends in Cell Biology


The company is sending copies of this issue to Exciting Biologies, a conference they are co-hosting in Japan.

Harvard Bookstore anthology "Minimum Paige" and release party

Just got news that I've been accepted into "Minimum Paige", Harvard Bookstore's comics anthology. There will be a release party on Sept 22!


So as of now, this is where I will be around town, doing comics things...

Sept 17 (Sat) 6-9pm: Art Show at Lesley University, 1815 Massachusetts Ave.
Sept 22 (Thurs) 7pm: Harvard Bookstore anthology release party
Sept 23 (Fri): Possible comics event at MIT
Sept 24 (Sat): MICE at Lesley University