Friday, May 13, 2011

Going to Camelot, BRB

I am going to Camelot this weekend.

It's in New Hampshire.

I thought about bringing along coconut shells to clack together, but it seemed like extra weight.

(Camelot is a MIT Outing Club hiking cabin)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New mini-mini-minicomic and MeCAF show on May 22nd

Yesterday, I spent part of the afternoon at Million Year Picnic, a comic book shop in Harvard Square, drawing jam comics with people. (Part of Free Comic Book day events)

I should probably try and promote events before they happen, so: May 22nd, I will be at the Maine Comics Arts Festival in Portland, Maine.

Here is my bio for the site --

Aya Rothwell currently lives in Arlington, MA. Aya was recently attacked by a Canada Goose when she foolishly walked too close to its nest. (She apologized and ran away.) Aya's minicomics include "The Wolf and the Sun" "Mark and the Aliens". She also has stories published in the "Inbound" and "Show and Tell" anthologies.

And below, the cover for a recent mini-mini-comic I made...