Monday, February 15, 2010

New Book and Boskone 2010

I have a new book!

Some upcoming events relating to it....

* The original watercolor for the cover illustration will be on display at the Kresge Center at MIT on Thursday March 4th, along with comics pages and other watercolors from me.

* On Thursday March 7th, the Marblehead Arts Association will be hosting a reception for their new exhibition, which will include the above watercolor as well as some other comics pages I have done. Come and join me! (The book may be on sale there.) Click here for map.

* Saturday March 20th, I will be at the Mini-Zine Fair at the Cambridge YMCA, hosted by the Papercut Zine Library. I will be selling my new book as well as other comics. Click here for a map.

This book was also sold this weekend at Boskone, a 50 year old sci fi/fantasy convention with a literary bent. I hung out at the Huckster's room with a table full of indie comics to see what would happen.

Here are some photos from Boskone:

Some people stopped by with bright eyed squirrels.

There was a marble-and-track toy set up in one corner. The first photo shows who was typically playing with it through Saturday and Sunday. The second photo is actually Friday night, before the younger attendees showed up.

At one point, a gentleman stopped and sort of stared at one of my books. When I found out why, I was completely tickled and had to take a photo --

So apparently, Maine is populated by many "Gilleys". According to Chad, it is an old last name.

Below, my table in the Huckster's room:

My neighbors, NESFA press. Tony Lewis is pictured, as well a gentlemen I keep calling "Morrie" or "Death", but I think his actual name is Dave.

Bruce Coville was also tabling next to me, pictured here posing with Suford Lewis. I managed to not do a stupid dance in front of him this year, but I was too caught up in tabling and general shyness to really carry on a conversation with him. Many thanks to Mary, Alice, and Sue and Everett Soares for helping me table.

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