Monday, February 22, 2010

"Cowpaths of Waltham" mentioned on radio

Inbound 4 on the radio, again! Callie Crossley likes the Waltham Cowpaths comic that Dave Unger and I created.
See the program for Feb 22 2010.

To hear the interview with the Boston Comics Roundtable, go to 34:50

To hear the specific segment that mentions my cowpath comic, go to 45:10.

Joel mispronounced my name ('Ah-ya', not 'Ae-yah'!), and also he described the cowpaths as a little off from what Dave's reseach and the comic suggests*. But he captured the basic interesting idea behind the story - of how cattle and cowpaths affected Waltham history. Anyway, very cool.

* The roads in Waltham that have an association with cowpaths look pretty straightbuilt, to me. The better-known urban legend of twisty downtown roads being based on cowpaths is probably what Joel refers to. But that story, from the brief research I did, does not seem to be true. Those convoluted roads of inner Boston are just what happens when people settle somewhere without planning roads... NYC used to be like that, until a fire resulted in most of the roads being rebuilt in a grid pattern. Except the very lower part of Manhattan, which still has the jumbly roads of old.

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