Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Outbound" soon be released! Cafe pics! And a salamander.

“Outbound: The Science Fiction Comics Anthology” will be published next week! It will feature my comic “Mark and the Aliens” and my prose story “How I Learned to Tolerate Vegemite”. The anthology is pretty spiffy, and you can buy a copy in local stores or online (soon).

(The anthology title should technically be expanded to “Outbound: the Science Fiction Comics as well as Prose and Fan-Letters and one Cutout Paper Model and Some Other Stuff Anthology”. Roho couldn’t gracefully fit that into the cover, though.)

Both the “About” page on the online version of “Mark” has been updated with this information. The “Vegemite” story has been re-edited, and new illustrations added.

Incidentally, I was recently asked if “Vegemite” was a true story.
“Oh, no,” I replied. “I still don’t like Vegemite. I never did learn to tolerate it.”

And since I'm rambling about promotion stuff, here's some photos from Atomic Bean Cafe of my comics pages.

Then I learned the next day that the show was ending, and everything was being taken down.

Above: your friendly Atomic Bean Cafe Baristas. (Don't mind the knife.)

And finally, photos of things I have recently seen.

High time this blog had a photo of a small salamander.

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