Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anime Boston 2009

Boston, Memorial Day Weekend....

And at the Hynes, cosplayers and fans and curious people come out in hordes. Some kind of Anime event.

* Is it just me or are there at no less than three Alucards in that crowd

Below: People going crazy in the Artist's Alley, I guess?

Below -- Rorschach,

with a sushi plushie.

Below: L. With plushy bear slippers and hat.

Also, I threw together a goofy little minicomic of doodles based on Anime Boston 2008. I sold the minis at Hyun and Shelli's table in the Artist's Alley.

Below: Cover, sample insidepage, and backcover.

(Of course, those 3 hour lines are how I met new friends at Anime Boston....)

Later, I enjoyed a dinner together with Dirk T, Emily, Dave L., Dave L's charming significant other whose name eludes me, and two gentlemen who sold swords and props at the convention.

Below . . . . Sunset, walking home.


Kate R said...

very cool photographs.

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