Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spring is here! Flowers are popping up from the ground, almost as fast as mushrooms after a spell of rain.

I may be part of some upcoming local art shows, showcasing Boston comics creators. Details to follow.

I will also have a story in the upcoming anthology Inbound (no. 3). My story has to do with why I was sketching dogs running around in the snow, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry.

On other very important news: no birds at the birdfeeder, outside my window. There was one starling hanging around the telly wire. But I think it was coincidence.

Also, I am painting an apple that is not quite an apple.


Kate R said...

Aha, YOU jinxed it for New England, ya goober. Cold, wind etc.
Hey did you see this?

And do you have details about your possible show thing? Which when you do should be on your blog?

Aya said...

It did turn suddenly cold this week.... Ooops.

I heard about Webcomics weekend. I didn't go, but I know a few people who attended.

I don't know details about the show thing yet, sorry! Actually, I really am wondering what the details are.