Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boskone 46

A SETI researcher leading the audience in a sing-along about the Drake Equation. Perhaps Boskone in a nutshell?

Boskone was fun! I hung out with my third and fourth cousins and family, met a lot of interesting people, and listened to some interesting lectures (ie, YA Fiction, DARPA's development of the Death Ray, SF fantasy artists work, etc).

Some snippets of thoughts and conversation:

* Mindful of who you rant about Watchmen to, whilst waiting for a panel. They might be a speaker on the panel, and then introduce themselves as a former editor at Vertigo.

* Why did I do a stupid dance in front of Bruce Coville? Why?

Me: "Oooh! That's a lovely red glaze on the ceramic!"
"Thanks! I got the clay from Neil's yard, he's got like a ton of it under his house."
Alice: "Neil who?"
"Neil Gaiman."

"Oh!.... You! -- You're the dude!"
(Gesturing at table full of Bruce Coville books) "The... dude!"
"Oh! Yes! Yes, I am the dude!"

* The impulsive and inane dancing came later.... unfortunately.


Below -- the kind of thing that goes on in the after party.

Florescent agar-agar jelly. No, actually, it's a kind of crystal. It... just really looks like agar-agar candy to me. Anyway, then people got into a scientific discussion of what influences the color in crystal.

Your final photo from Boskone.... a dog with boots!

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