Friday, January 16, 2009

Minor update: will be at Inauguration this week

This weekend/week, I will be going on a roadtrip to Obama's Inauguration in Washington DC.

I wonder how many people will be there.


Sunday update -- made it down to DC, with my sister and her friends! Caught a few last songs of the public concert at the National Mall, and watched Obama give a speech. Or rather, I was too far away from the Lincoln memorial to see much of Mister Obama speaking, but it was fun to see the 500,000 crowd.

Currently, estimated crowd for Tuesday's Inauguration is 2 million.

Wednesday update -- After roadtripping back to NYC with sister and friends yesterday, and catching Fung-wah this morning, I'm safely back in Boston! Inauguration was chilly.... it is January in the northern hemisphere, after all. The national mall was walled in by ranks of porta-johns. The variety, amount and prices of Inauguration/Obama paraphernalia was kind of amazing. People sang "Nah nah nah nah... good bye!" at seeing Bush on the Jumbo-trons (outdoor TV screens) and cheered at the first family's appearance. And the crowd went crazy with applause and cheering when Obama was sworn in.

Also, a little girl behind us was looking the cookies we were eating, so we asked her mom and gave her some of the cookies.

Now sorting through photos and catching up on this week's work at MIT.


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THANK YOU FOR THE REPORTS! It's like being there (but better because I'm not cold.)