Monday, January 5, 2009

"Mark" and Criminal Records

Above: a page from Lindsay's script I was writing feedback/doodling on.

Anyway, onto what I actually meant -- "Mark and the Aliens" is now available at Hub Comics in Boston and Criminal Records in Atlanta! (click to read the comic.)

Below: cellphone snapshots from Criminal Records' displays.

Note the copies of "Inbound" to the upper left corner of "Mark". You can't read "Inbound" online, but you can buy it here, or at Criminal or Hub. Criminal Hub Comics. Million Year Criminals Picnic at Hub. What's with the names of comic book stores.

Speaking of which, I like how “The Flash”, “Lords of Avalon”, “Reign in Hell” “The Remnant” “Runaways” and “Ant-Man” surround “Mark and the Aliens”. It's a slight change from the familiar indie neighbors, like “Geraniums and Bacon”, “Sordid City Blues” “Lummox” “Distracula” “Paradigm Shift” and other fellow self-published books.

And having mentioned that, I should note that Criminal Records staff took down "Inbound" and "Mark" before I left, to put prices on them. So I don't know where the books are actually shelved. Criminal Records has a full-fledged indie section, so I have a feeling that's where the books will be.

....If "Mark" gets shelved next to "The Flash" and "Ant-Man," I'd like to be there when a customer starts browsing superhero comics and picks up "Mark".

Also, minor updates to my website - some JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) illustrations compiled, and an updated “About Me” page.

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