Sunday, November 9, 2008

Toppling books and wave o' Obama heads

A bookstore in Salem, MA.

Oh and congrats, President Obama!

Also -- normally I don't post things like this, but this was just such a strange, strange photoshop picture. (From Nov. 4th 2008 issue of the Boston Metro.)

Update! Kate has simultaneously put this thing on her blog as well (I sent it to her earlier), and is is doing an impromptu caption contest. (click)

And while I'm reveling in the weirdness --

(Originally from Pundit Kitchen.)

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Kate R said...

Okay. The shoes are even more disturbing than the newspaper picture. Oh God, I hope Obama's kids don't see stuff like this because it would have to do something to their tender psyches.

Aya said...

This whole campaign has been kind of strange and dramatic. I'm just waiting till someone makes a movie out of the whole thing. And there's a shot where someone is walking down the street with those shoes.