Sunday, November 2, 2008

Comicon, Salem, and VOOOOTE

(Quick update: here's another blog entry about the 24 hour comic. That entry has more accurate details on why we got kicked out at 3am. The blog entry also has the one group photo we snagged, before the police told us to seriously get out.)

The Boston Comicon was today!

A handful of Boston Comics Roundtable people were there, including Charles S., Dirk T, Jay, Lindsay and me. I shared a table with Lindsay, and once again I was across from Jay. This time there was something about "blood flowing" and "babies" in his spiel. Lindsay was selling these funky cigar boxes decorated with old comics.

I like selling minis, because now and then someone will come by, look at your mini, start reading it, and something in their expression says that this mini was meant for them.

Also, when people buy my minis at conventions, I like to draw insane, non sequitur doodles in the inside cover.

On other news, I recently visited Salem with a friend. It smelled of rain and autumn; a blustery wind carried fire-colored leaves tumbling along the cobbled walkways. All very pretty, and also cold to point of misery. So we ducked into a thrift store, where I bought a bathrobe. I wore it under my sports jacket for most of the trip.

The bottom half of the robe was pretty visible. However, this was Salem during the week before Halloween. Not only that, but the robe material was a dark color with snowflakes on it, so the robe looked it was pattered with stars. As Julia sums it up, "You look like the sorcerer's apprentice wandering around with a sports jacket!"

But I was a cozy, warm sorcerer's apprentice/lunatic in a bathrobe, I can tell you. I was especially glad for that robe later that evening, when we went on a ghost tour during the chilly Salem night.

Finally: as the voice of civic duty (in a ghostly manifested form)... You! Vote! Voooooote! I am rattling chains, wooo, Vooooote!

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