Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mark and the Aliens

New Comic uploaded on to website! Click here to read "Mark and the Aliens".

(You can navigate by foreward/back buttons or by click on each page.)

I'd like to mention some of the behind-the-scene stuff about this comic, like how I convinced my then-housemate Yan Yan that he should go to Jamaica Pond (for the first time) and sit on a treestump for half an hour during at sunset while I painted him as a model for the cover. Also I saw a giant bipedal ant taking a walk, so I convinced it to model for me too. Actually, that didn't happen.

Anyway, that comic is what I'll be selling at the upcoming Zine Fair. Also printed minicomics of the Angel comic, random daily cartoons, pop culture parodies, etc.

Oh, ye olde short film "Snakepit" at Kendall film festival got a pretty good applause.