Monday, September 22, 2008

Boston Zine Fair 2008!

Photos from Boston Zine Fair 2008! (not Halloween)

Here's Julia, who came to say hello! Below that, a photo of Jay.

Jay was my neighbor on Saturday. I think I can now repeat his spiel myself, if I had to.

Having food on the second level helped draw people upstairs, but we still weren't getting as much traffic as the first floor. So later that day, Dan decided that the skeleton in the corner of the room (this was the Art Institute of Boston building) was a major selling point which we should tap into. So we posted signs downstairs, encouraging people to come view the skeleton.

(Cathy and I were still laughing and repeating "I'm gonna eat you! And kill you! --- Be my friend!", even after the Zinefair ended.)

Saturday night, we all regrouped at the Papercut Zine Library and then headed over to a local pub restaurant place.

This just in! The Boston Comics Roundtable meets at an actual round table, for the first time!

(Also, the people's gestures in this picture make me laugh, for some reason.)

Sunday -- below, a giant jam comic, courtesy of Che (in the picture).

Che brought the giant foamcore board and encouraged passerbyers to draw on it. Lindsay, also in the above photo, is taking a picture of it. And to the right of Che (or Che's left) . . . Oh, look, a familiar orange-with-green-and-purple image. Yep, I was sharing the table. You can see that I found a tablecloth by the second day. (The pretty blue cloth is a gift from the family I stayed with in Mangaia. I lent Dan a pink cloth that was also part of the gift.)

Che, who needs to have a dash over the "e" in his name (if I knew how), says he'll have a high resolution image of the two giant comics on his website or blog soon. ( In the meanwhile, here's a photo of Sunday's comic.

I drew the thing in the center, the burning buildings and attacking monsters. And another panel below that. And a few things in other people's panels.

Hang on, here's a close-up.

Lindsay is the one who drew the woman saying, "Oh no! My baby's in the burning building! I left him alone because I'm irresponsible!" Incidentally, she was (quite sucessfully) selling her wares, these cigar boxes decorated with iconic segments of old comics carefully xacto'd out and glued on. Also Mary came by and drew the eHarmony and fetch panel, which I followed up. And James and Hyun came by too. How many other links can I stuff into this post.

Anwyay, as you can probably premise from the photos, I had a lot of fun at the Zine Fair! I sold a good number of books, traded a bunch, donated copies to the Papercut Zine Library, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwitches for two days, and met a bunch of people.


Ché said...

Hi Aya,

Thanks for these pictures. And of course you can post pictures of the comic. I'm flattered that you have. We should have high resolution pictures up soon!


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ps. Be my friend!