Monday, February 24, 2014

Books on Kindle and photos of comics people in Tokyo and Nagoya

I have books on Kindle now! And an author page.

Also, I went to Tokyo and Nagoya and met a lot of people. Here are some photos.

Above: Rome Int'l Cafe's Party for Creative people, organized by comics artist Mokutan (Wonderworld Studio) with guest manga artist Davi Nathanael.

(You can see me hanging out the background in the photo on this page.)

 Nijikai (second party) as Sbarro.

People in the photos above include: Towa Hiyoshi (photographer), Davi Nathanael, Mokutan, Chinatsu Hirayama, Kaori Nakamura. And maybe Yamaguchi Shoutan, Kirisha Akanuma, Youhei Yamazaki.

Mokutan Angelo drew my face!

Then it was on to Nagoya,

Where I met Adam Pasion, Testuya and other folks, who are part of a Nagoya comics collective called Uzomuzo. (The space is Manga Kukan, a cafe where people can read and draw manga.)

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