Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fighting Boston heat and humidity

Why, this is the 70th post. I guess I should have noticed when it was 50th, and celebrated?

Anyway, Wild Ink party was success. I'll get photos up pretty soon. Meanwhile, I'm still working on my comic for Inbound no. 4. Specifically, I'm hanging around the nearby public library and Starbucks and drawing the comic. Because those places have air conditioning.

Take Friday -- I don't know what the temperature was, though I imagine it was in the 80's. Still, I've spent summers with 100+ Fahrenheit days, and it's not the heat that gets to one. Rather, it's the addition of the 80% humidity outside, if what I overheard at the library was correct. (I also overheard a lot of comments like, "Oh, I didn't know this library is so nice inside!" "I've never been here before!" This makes me think I was not the only person to seek refuge at the library that day.)

But it's kind of fun when I work on comics in libraries and cafe's, and people ask what I'm drawing.

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