Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boston Comicon, Atomic Bean Cafe, Squirrel

Very important blog update: no birds at the bird feeder on my window, but a squirrel poked its head in my open window. Too bad I was right there, staring at it in surprise; the squirrel freaked out and ran away.

Also Boston Comicon and all that.

Some of the more colorful guests I saw.

Actually, this person below is not colorful, technically speaking. Kind of mostly grey and black.

From the Saturday night reception at the Atomic Bean Cafe.

Nice crowd.

We ended up putting the inside inkwash pages of "Mark and the Aliens" on display, because it was a complete short comic. I don't have a very good photo of my pages on the wall, but I'll try and get a picture soon.

Anyway, the Atomic Bean Cafe show will be up for at least this month. Copies of "Inbound" (1-3) as well as "Mark" (and possibly other minis) will be available for purchase at the cafe. The cafe will put 20% of sales into a charity to support artists.

And finally --

This is not the squirrel at my window, but it's similar to what I saw.

Photo I took of a squirrel at Harvard University.


Dave M! said...

Glad to have been a part of the Atomic Bean opening. Who's that weird guy with the camera?

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Aya said...

I dunno.... I think I saw him posing with his comics next to the washroom, earlier.