Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SPX 2008: House of Potato Gormandizer

Small Press Expo 2008!

Below: set-up time early Saturday morning, and a later shot.

On the first day, I saw no less than three people wearing Tintin t-shirts!

I was pretty excited. Then someone pointed out to me that a Tintin movie was in the works, which would account for the shirts. That made it less coincidental, but it was still cool.

Dirk and I carpool'ed to SPX. Here, Dirk risks all to unveil the "Pope? Yes!" conspiracy.

Below -- Alex and Jaime staffing the BCR table!

Anyway, SPX was a lot of fun. I traded for a bunch of mini's, including "10 Things To Do With a Fake Moustache".

On other news, last night my housemates played presidential-candidate bingo during the debate. Sam won within the first 9 minutes.

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Shelli Paroline said...

wow! looks like we got a great spot this year --- go team!