Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Film Festival and Boston Zine fair

My senior-year film "Snakepit" will be shown Sept 4th (Thursday) at the Kendall Square theater! Will I be there? Sure... ah... I'm in the middle of frantically trying to get an apartment and whatnot, so I'm too distracted to give a proper answer at this moment. I think there's an article being written about the film festival, so I might indulge in another blog entry later.

Also, in the manner of hastily remembering to promote myself --

Boston Zine Fair is coming!

September 20-21 - Art Institute of Boston, 601 Newbury Street (near Kenmore Square)

I'll be there! I just finished a test print of a comic I'll be selling there. I did the test print while apartment searching. Obviously my priorities are well established.

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