Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tui, puppets, videos and Supreme Master Television

(What? Actual news, instead of random nature photos of stuff I see?)

SMTV (Supreme Master Television… I’m not making it up) contacted me recently. They wanted to use some of my Tui footage I shot, while in New Zealand. How they found me and my video footage: YouTube.

Also, I took photos and videos as usual for Puppet Showplace Theater’s PuppetSlams. Jill, the technical director/performer, asked to use the footage I got of her Alien Investigator puppet. I think she’s showing the video as part of her graduation thesis presentation. Anyway Jill’s puppet is pretty awesome, especially the funky hands. I’ll link the video here if it gets online. (Jill’s future website is www.postmortempuppets.com.)

As long as I’m mentioning random video stuff: I also edited this short video/slideshow thing a while ago, for Sarah Ip’s “Eight (Indie) Bands to Watch in 2008” article.

Sarah Ip wrote the article/commentary for Loudbus.com. You can read the full article (with the video) here.

Don’t worry, nature photos will come again. Oh, also I moved into a new apartment, recently. I guess that's news.

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